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This is a project to gather “the beauty” in us, humanity.

1. Receive the book.

2. Read "the beauty" in you written in the book.

3. Now, it's your turn.
Write one of "the beauty" in one person you love.

4. Hand it ( and tell how much you are grateful, please 🙂 )

5. The books are traveling around the world to gather "the beauty" in us, humanity


A letter from Founder

#TheBeautyIseeinYou (The Beauty I see in You) is a project of the books that travel around the world to gather various pieces of “the beauty” in us, humanity. It also has a wish that “the beauty” connects people all over the world, one by one.

As the first edition, we created 10 books that 30 people can write about “the beauty” in the person they love. They have been traveling around the world from one hand to another since August, 2018. And for the second editions planned to be published in 2019, we will prepare 100 books for 100 of “the beauty” each and let them travel to gather from 10,000 people more.

When the books return from their journeys, we will see how diverse “the beauty” is, from many people, in different countries. (You know, they must be way too beautiful books!)

We could integrate them into one book to be read by anyone or organize exhibitions in all over the world. Please share your ideas, since we are still on the way for this creation.

Let’s enjoy this journey together, to find the brightness of “the beauty” in us.


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