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For you who received the book of this project
Thank you for receiving this book.
If you feel hesitation or have a problem to pass this book to next person, feel free to contact us as written in the book.
You can send the book to us and we would like to pay the shipping fee.
We would appreciate it if you could send an email to the address written in the book or send a message from “contact” form in the bottom of this website.
– June 2024


This is a project like a torch relay to light up “the beauty” in us, humanity.

1. Receive the book.

2. Read "the beauty" in you written in the book.

3. Now, it's your turn.
Write one of "the beauty" in one person you love.

4. Hand it ( and tell how much you are grateful, please 🙂 )

5. The books are traveling around the world to light up "the beauty" in us, humanity


A letter from Founder

Thank you for visiting our website.

#TheBeautyIseeinYou (The Beauty I see in You) is a project of the books that travel around the world like a torch relay to light up various pieces of “the beauty” in us, humanity.

“Whatever you have, you deserve to be loved as you are. You are beautiful life.”

I believe it is the unwavering truth. Wishing to let you and people all around the world realize it, I began this project.

The inspiration for the project came from my own experience. When I’d suffered as I couldn’t be sure of my value in existence, a message from my friend did save me.
“There is one who accepts me as I am, in such a beautiful way.”
I found how much the fact encourages my life.

In 2018, the experience made me start prototyping the book you hand to another one like a torch relay by writing “the beauty” in a person you love.
Through two years of book creation and crowdfunding from 283 people, finally in March 2020, 150 books departed from Tokyo, Japan to people all over the world.

The book you passed will be the torch that lights up “the beauty” in the people after you.
It keeps traveling for four, five, or even ten years, across time and countries until the last (100th) person receives.

When the books complete their journeys, we will collect them for organizing exhibitions so that anyone can touch the various pieces of “the beauty” in people all around the world, which actually written down on the books.
Because we are in the times that international conflicts deepen, we want to create the space which reconnects everyone to “the beauty” in humanity as we are, beyond the prejudice against other countries or religions.

I’m glad if you participate in this great experiment across time and countries.
Let’s enjoy this journey together, to find the brightness of “the beauty” in us, humanity.

Daisuke Miyoshi


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